Irish for a day: Communities celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Conyers is a celebration of good things to come. It’s a sign of warmer weather as we shake off the last chills of winter. The party in green is also the first opportunity of the year for people in the community to come together. In Conyers, the gathering is spontaneous with the annual “Fastest Growing St. Patrick’s Day Parade” where everybody is encouraged to join the two-block walking parade from the corner of Main and Center streets to the Celtic Tavern on Commercial Street.

The city of Conyers has details of all the events in Olde Town today. The link is here.

The celebration’s roots were all about spontaneity and fun 35 years ago. Back in “either ‘79 or ‘80” as former councilman Bill Spivey explains (no one remembers exactly), someone on St. Patrick’s Day just said, “Let’s have a parade.” So, Conyers’s St. Patrick Day Parade started with Spivey, his fellow councilman Bill Rogers, nd Mayor Charles Walker.

The video from the News below tells the story:

Covington is building a St. Patrick’s Day tradition and organizing a community event in the Courthouse Square for the first time. Main Street Covington and the Chamber of Commerce is organizing the celebrations. Irish Bred Pub has live Irish music planned for their first St. Patrick’s Day and other businesses and restaurants are offering St. Patrick’s specials.


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